Marc and the Dragon Stone

Now that you have seen me Marc I wonder if you could help me? There are two eggs you see. I lost the other one a long long time ago. I know where it is but I can’t reach it!

Marc thought carefully for a moment and said “can I help you?”

Oh thank you said Bon Bon but I don’t know if you can. You see I know where the other egg is but I can’t reach it.

Hey! He boomed, maybe you can, your much smaller than I am! His tail was swishing back and forth with excitement.


Bon Bon was running up and down the sand now with his big green feet stomping around with excitement. “ooh ooh ooh! I’m so excited Marc” I might finally have the chance to find my other egg after all this time. Marc smiled.


“Hmmm we need to do so me thinking first though, you see the eggs are in a very difficult place to reach.” Bon Bon stopped and rubbed his pointy chin.

“Where are they?”  Bon Bon stomped over beside Marc and flopped back down into the sand on his big red green and yellow bottom with his big red green and yellow pointy clawed feet in front of him. He put one finger to his mouth and  began. It was a long long time ago now. There’s a place, a secret place where dragons go when they are given eggs to hatch by the queen dragon. That’s where I was going when I lost them.

It was a dark foggy night. Dark and foggy nights are good for dragons you know, no one can see us flying.

I saw a little island below me in the fog and flew down to land. It was a strange island though. It was moving and it was made of wood. I had landed on the deck of a pirate ship!

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