Marc and the Dragon Stone


The dragon chuckled and said in a loud but friendly voice" I'm sorry if I scared you little one" then he smiled. A huge smiley smile with big white teeth and a big red tongue Then he lifted up a huge hand with pointy claws and put one finger to his mouth and burped. A little puff of smoke came out."Oops, pardon me, I've eaten too much sea weed today" Said the Dragon and he smiled as his teeth shone in the sun.



He lifted his tail behind him and sat backwards onto the sand with his huge feet up in front of him. You see that colourful round shiny stone you found belongs to me. It’s one of my eggs I have to look after till they hatch. I’ve been looking after them for a long, long time you know! And with that he opened one of his big hands with the big shiny pointy claws and showed Angus another egg, just like the one he had found on the beach.

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