Marc and the Dragon Stone


The pirates got a fright and started to run all over the ship shouting. “shiver me timbers it’s a big beastie sea monster!, Pirates never were clever” said Bon Bon and he smiled.


Before I could get off the ship again they were throwing all sorts of things at me. Pots and pans, cannon balls, treasure chests and even the pirate captains wooden leg! I flapped and flapped my wings to fly again. The pirate captain Angus was hopping around the ship shouting “load the cannons lads! These shiny dragon scales will make a fine prize!" Just in time I jumped off the ship, spread my wings and flew into the foggy night to escape before they could catch me! It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me Marc, even dragons get scared you know! I flew and flew till I reached the shore then checked my eggs. One was missing! Oh No. I dropped it on the pirates ship!


I flew back the next day to look for the ship again. What do you think was happening? The pirates were fighting with other pirates. They had come to see the dragon egg and wanted to steal it for themselves. Well the two ships circled each other and fired cannon balls. The pirates shouted and waved swords at each other. Then one cannon ball hit the ship I had dropped my egg on and it began to sink. Oh no. my egg! To this day Marc my egg is on the sunken ship. I’ve lived on this shore waiting to find a way to get it back. Marc felt very sorry for Bon Bon and held his hand. “Lets get your egg back, I’ll help you” he said. Bon Bon smiled. Then Marc said goodbye and set of home to prepare for their big adventure the next day.

Wait for next weeks exciting episode to find out what happens next! :)

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