I was invited to a meeting with around 20 other artists in Moscow on Saturday. We met up at another artists farm and had a nice day being shown around the workshops on the grounds, then off outside for a picnic with home cooked food. It's always nice to be around other artists. I'm looking forward to colaborating with some new creative people.




Changed the look of the site today. Also added an easy contact form on the Home page.



Updating the site today and working on some new pieces for stock.



I've been busy printing and cutting mounts for some of my work today, for sale at  the Dumfries House exhibition again this year. 



I'm working on new commissions and my website today. It's been really busy over the last week or so with new jewellery pieces to make. I'll be adding new work to the website over the next week or so and changing the layout slightly.






Craig Duncan Art will soon be offering a high quality print and mounting service for artists and photographers. Watch this space for more information.







I'm working on new jewellery pieces for inclusion and sale in an exhibition at the Rozelle Gallery this year. I have commission pieces to work on at the moment as well so it's a busy time for me at the moment with creating and selling.





I'm really pleased to have been accepted again this year to exhibit my work at the Prince Charles Drawing School of Dumfries House. I'm also looking forward to meeting the other artists this year. It was a lot of fun last time and I made some really good contacts.




I'm working two days a week with a local prison in the art department teaching art and design.



Currently running a jewellery class with members of the public tutoring the use of tools and materials to creat unique pieces of personal jewellery.



Today was back into the work area with some of my students to do a little furniture upcycling. The project today was an antique mahogany chair that's been handed in to be restored to it's original state.



Spending the day working with 2 groups of children at a Kilmarnock Primary School. 44 canvases, lots of paint, brushes and enthusiasm today from all.




I presented an art workshop on anti-sectarianism yesterday for the Street League group in Kilmarnock.




I'm currently exhibiting some of my work with eight other artists in Cumnock shopping precinct.




I've been asked by Helen Duncan Cultural Coordinator to exhibit my work in a local gallery until December. I've selected some suitable work and will be hanging it this afternoon.




I'll be demonstrating wood carving and digital painting tomorrow at a local art group.




I've just locked the door of the Princes Drawing School Dimplex artists' studios of Dumfries House Estate. We had a great turnout for the exhibition and a lot of interest in my work. I've made some fantastic contacts to follow up on and met some really interesting people during the exhibition. I've also been asked if I would occupy the studio for another week as artist in residence, too good an opportunity to let go as it's great publicity for me. I'll be using the time to add to my portfolio of work.




I'll be demonstrating landscape painting this weekend on 12th April at the University of the West of Scotland in Ayr.  Space on each workshop is limited, therefore spaces MUST be booked by phoning  on 01292 266449. I hope to see you there




Recently I've been really busy creating some new jewellery and artwork for exhibition. I'll be exhibiting on the 26th of April at the Princes Drawing School  Dimplex artists' studios of  Dumfries House Cumnock. If you would like to see my work please come along between April 26th and 31st to the following address below.



Dumfries House

the Princes Drawing School, Dimplex Artist's' Studios

Dumfries House Estate Cumnock KA182NJ




I was contacted by a jewellery company called House Of Gems - San Francisco, California to ask if they could do a review and feature of my work. I had my jewellery featured in various venues and made a lot of good contacts.





The studio Layout at the Prince Charles Drawing School with my work on display. Working on a sketch in the middle of the room.