Marc and the Dragon Stone


​Marc nearly ran home to Grandad's house! And who could blame him? Real life shiny red green and yellow dragons can look a little scary to a little boy! He took a close look at the stone the dragon had and took his out of his pocket. The dragon explained that the line on the edge of the stones was where the baby dragons tails grew from as they popped out of the shell. Marc looked at his and sure enough it was the same as his!


I’m s s sorry Mr dragon Said Marc, I didn’t know it was yours.

The dragon rolled back on his tail and let out the loudest laugh Marc had ever heard. Don’t be sorry he said. You found it for me, I lost it again and I’ve been here all day looking for it. You see I have three eggs to keep till they hatch into baby dragons then I have to teach them how to breath fire, how not be seen by the fishermen, and how to fly. It’s what dragons do you know. With a flap of his wings he popped up in the air, and flew up then flumped back into the wet sand on his bottom and rolled back with his feet in the air just like Marc had done when he fell. Marc laughed out loud now too.

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