These are a few of the custom jewellery pieces commissioned by past customers. If you would like something specially designed for yourself or for a gift you can get in touch with the email link above, I would be pleased to hear from you and discuss your design.

Teardrop Pendant.jpg
Wave bangle.
This one is a remake of one of my designs I made for other customers.
Wave bangle
Wave bangle.
Wave bangle.
Thistle and Shamrock necklace done.jpg
To the stars ring.
The customer asked for a ring to be designed with three symbols included. A star, a swirl and a water symbol.
To the stars ring 1.jpg
Love Bundle necklace.
Three fine silver hearts.
The customer asked for the design at a particular size and texture. These were designed to hang together freely on a little love heart shaped bale.
Lapis blue cold enamel circle earrings
Made for a customer who asked for them as a gift. The colour, size and design was specified.
African Garnet earrings
Fine silver earrings made for a client.
An American customer requested a custom design with a five pointed star and tiny symbols to indicate their Scots Irish heritage. Made from fine silver with a five pointed star bale.
Antique clock wheel pendant 5.jpg
Copper paw earrings
Made as a matching set for a copper heart paw pendant that a customer bought.
Carnelian turtle.
A customer came to me and asked me to design a turtle with a large carnelian cabochon stone in it. I designed this one so that when the pendant is held up to the light by the wearer a large initial K lights up inside the stone.
Hearts Forever Rings
Two rings designed to fit together as one when placed side by side.

The customer asked for one for himself and his wife, both different sizes and textures. Made in fine silver.
Amethyst Pendant.
Cog Necklace.
An antique clock part set in silver.
Cancer Birth Sign Pendant.


One of my past pieces. This one is made from fine silver and 9ct gold.
It 's finished off with 2 red African garnets set into the eyes.
Wave Bracelet
A substantial piece designed for a customer who saw one one of my similar designs.
Plain Silver Signet ring.
Sun and Moon.
Silver and agate pendant.
Cluster Necklace.
The customer supplied a drawing and asked for a silver wire pendant as a gift. This one is made from 1.2mm fine silver wire. Finished with high quality leather cord and silver fittings.
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