Photography is another way I like to express creativity. It's one of my hobbies as well as a way to provide images for various projects I like to work on. 

I became interested in photography when as a teenager when I found an old camera in the house and decided to buy a lens for it to play around with it. I was hooked after that.
Photography and art have a huge amount in common and both are as interesting in different ways. I learned the old way by hand loading my own film cartridges and hand developing film and paper in the darkroom. it was a great introduction. Nowadays I don't use a darkroom at all, like most photographers I've moved onto digital photography which is amazing in it's ability to provide a full range of creative control. It also lends itself perfectly to the internet age as the images are so easy to publish online. I still have a soft spot for the old way of processing in the dark room though. It had a ritual to it that had to be followed correctly at every stage and when done correctly gave a real feeling of achievment.  Digital photography although different is as rewarding but in a different way. It's precise and clean, costs nothing to work with after the initial layout cost of the equipment. Most of all it's allowed a real creative freedom that's allowed everyone access to an amazing media.