Web Graphics

Animated Gifs can create interest in a subject or site if used correctly.  The ones below were created for my amateur radio hobby.


Signal Meter

A little movement on a web page can attract attention to the subject.

I wanted to Illustrate an old style analogue meter but in a very simplistic style so that it could also be scaled up or down without the detail becoming confused. You can see it works well at both sizes.

As this one is purely a graphic concept for illustration purposes it doesn't need to represent a real world meter on an actual radio, I kept it intentionaly simplified as an attention point. It has the old school look and feel of an analogue meter for ham radios. Most of the newer radios don't use this style of meter now but it has a nice feel to it and works well on the site it was designed for.


Illustration created for a radio mode called FT8

As this mode is a digital mode and sent in bursts I illustrated it in a broken moving line to convey the idea of timing and transmission.

Simple LED style scrolling.

Mic transmit and meter.