Artist, Creator, Silversmith, Photographer and Designer.


Location: Scotland UK

I'm passionate about creativity as you can see from my work. This is my place to take you on a journey through my inner artistic thoughts and creations, I hope you like the work. I would appreciate it if you leave a comment for me on the main page of my site, or perhaps through the email link above.

I was really young when I started creating things and have never stopped since, I couldn't if I wanted to, it's part of who I am. For me being creative isn't about the final artwork, it's all about the journey from imagination to reality. It's the process of conceiving then bringing an idea to reality. It's as important as the finished art, it's a journey and a learning process with the ability to make you think about yourself, the people and the world around you.


I've Completed three artists’ residencies at The Prince Charles Drawing School of Dumfries House. I have exhibited and sold my artwork in the Rozelle galleries and the studios of the Prince Charles Drawing School of Dumfries House; The Ideal Homes Show at the SECC Glasgow, House of Gems Los Angeles, The Grain Exchange Ayr, Rozelle Galleries Ayr and other venues in the UK and worldwide online.

I really enjoy being around other creative people. We think in a different way that sometimes doesn't seem to make sense to others, but the world we live in can be imaginative and magical, a place where ideas become reality. I want to bring a little part of that magic to others through my Art.


Craig Duncan



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