About Me


And my work

As a creative person my Portfolio is a way for me to record and show my artistic ideas and finished work. I have an interest in creativity of all kinds, my site reflects this.  You will see some of my traditional Art, Photography, Craftworking and fine silver Jewellery Design in the creative sections. I would be happy to hear from you if you if have an interest in anything you see on my site, or perhaps just to say hello as a fellow creative person.

My work has been exhibited in various venues and is constantly evolving. As an Artist I like to experiment with all kinds of creative ideas instead of sticking to one. For me my creativity isn't all about the finished work, it's about the experience of learning and experimenting while getting there. Finding new creative things that stretch my mind and allow me to be creative in my own way without feeling like I have to conform to constraints. That's the fun part of being creative, the learning process and finding your own limits.

I also enjoy tutoring and have worked previously in colleges, schools, prisons and other organisations. People are widely different in both creativity and apptitudes so tutoring arts and crafts is always rewarding. My approach to tutoring is to treat everyone as an individual. I don't try and teach as a class but rather find the way that the individual student can express themselves in the way that suits them. it's not important to create something that looks like someone elses work, what is important is the journey they took to find the style and ideas that express themselves. Art can be used as a way to build confidence, individuality and as a way to promote social inclusion.